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The Rise And Fall Of A Few Good Men: (The Book That Tells Its Own Story)

The Rise And Fall Of A Few Good Men: (The Book That Tells Its Own Story)

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Haneef’s father was a notorious gang member from a Crip set, and his mother was a Blood. This unethical union, by street code, would prove to be deadly and very detrimental.
An unknown assailant murdered Haneef’s parents when he was five. His life becomes rough, growing up in the streets of LA.
Carlos is the largest heroin dealer in Los Angeles, and he is also Haneef’s secret guardian. He was his father’s partner and best friend. Disclosing to the young man why he thinks they were murdered and how he set a trap for the perpetrators by drying up the city after a large shipment of heroin disappeared. He needed to see who was able to continue their distribution network. One neighborhood flourished.
Carlos believes that the robbery is due to the murder of Haneef’s parents. The lapse in time has helped Haneef put the death of his parents in the back of his mind. Now he is skeptical about any type of retaliation.
But years later, after Haneef’s rise to power in the drug world, Carlos and Haneef orchestrate a plan to trap the perpetrators. When the suspects finally surface to buy more heroin from Carlos, Haneef knows what he must do. The avenging of his parent’s murder would lead him down a path that would open old wounds and cut new ones deep.

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